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  • Erik Cai

    Have you resolved below issue? If not, can you send me a min reproed project to erikcai at Microsoft.com?
    Erik Cai
    WCF Tools team

  • Fredrik Kindahl


    I’ve used your solution for TrimLongWords in a string, from the bottom of this thread http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17592296/trim-too-long-words-from-sentences-in-c

    You asked why someone had downvoted your solution. Maybe they have the same problem as I do. Unfortunately I couldn’t leave a comment directly at stackoverflow because I’m too much of a newbie there. so I try to reach you here instead.

    My problem is that when i write our url for example slussen.biz in a textbox, the function will somehow store slussenbiz. in the database.

    ex#amp&lew.ord will be stored as exampleword#&.

    Do you have any idea of how to tweak the regex to fix this?
    Regards /Fredrik